Rita Blue and Margarita Blue

These two Mexican delights always have a very relaxed but extremely social ambiance. Start your Friday night at one of them and a few shots of tequila later your stressful week will be a sweet memory. Margarita Blue is a great place to go with people that you dont know that well since its kind of noisy, always packed with international people and has a big bar hang out thing going on.

Rita Blue is a bit more tranquile and has a more charming interior but is also almost always crowded. Both have the same inexpensive menu and a wide list of tasty cocktails, which one you choose depends on your mood. The chicken fajitas and fried green tomatoes are a must try if you go and of course a Margarita to quinch your thirst.

Location:Josep Anselm Clavé 6
Tel: (+34) 93 412 54 89

Location: Pl. Sant Agusti 3
Tel: (+34) 933 42 40 86

For mor einformation visit us at www.barcelonabyus.com


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